F14 Forklift Gas


There are several reasons why more and more FLT operators are choosing LPG to power their forklift truck fleets



LPG for optimized performance of your forklift truck

Clean burning
LPG is a clean-burning fuel with few harmful emissions

Quiet operation
FLTs using LPG generate little operating noise, providing a good working environment when used indoors

LPG-fuelled FLTs are versatile, can be used indoors and outside, eliminating the cost, inconvenience and health and safety implications of running two separate fleets with one set of drivers

Suitable for dirt and odour sensitive products movement
Because LPG is clean burning, it’s better for dirt and odour sensitive products movement

Achieving environmental accreditation
The low levels of hydrocarbons emitted by LPG, can help businesses in their quest for achieving increasingly valuable environmental accreditation

Fast refueling
LPG powered FLTs are quick to refuel. This moves unnecessary downtime and makes then ideal for continuous operation.

Cost reduction
Using LPG offers great fuel economy and low maintenance costs. which reduce day to day running cost

LPG has a high colorific value and is therefore capable of powering the movement of heavy loads

All the world’s leading forklift truck manufacturers produce versions capable of running on LPG

Storage solutions
LPG can be stored in bulk tanks either above or below ground or in cylinder, making its storage extremely flexible